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The ANGEL ACADEMY Eyebrows Training aims at providing students the necessary skills and knowledge to become a professional eyebrow artist in the beauty industry.

The next ANGEL Eyebrows Training will be held from 03.01.2020 until 12.01.2022.


Our Eyelashes includes:

— 40 classes (45 min), a 10 day period training.

— Class Schedule: 09:00-13:00, at ANGEL ACADEMY in Prishtina.

— After successfully finishing the training you will be given a professional eyelash kit

Price: 500€

The evaluation at the ANGEL ACADEMY Eyebrows Training is done in two parts:

The Theoretical part includes all the theoretical topics of the module, intended to raise the theoretical skills and knowledge of our students:

1. Contraindications, Eyebrow Anatomy, Hygiene
2. Possible reactions
3. Aftercare
4. Eyebrow Shapes
5. Adhesives
6. Studio management, dealing with clients, recording appointments
7. Financial management
8. Safety at work

The Practical part includes all the practical topics of the module, intended to raise the practical skills and knowledge of our students:

1. Use of tools and products
2. Applying eyebrow tattoo strokes and tint according to the shape of the eyebrows
3. Aftercare advice

Validation Regulations:

After successfully finishing The Eyebrow Training, you will be provided with an original ANGEL ACADEMY certificate.


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